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Mery, Kristen Principal
Pfau, Megan Assistant Principal

Administrative Assistant

Spires, Brenda (760) 369-6333 ex.1881 Administrative Assistant


A key goal of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act is that every student will receive instruction from a “highly qualified” teacher (HQT). To be considered “highly qualified” under NCLB, a teacher of core academic content must possess:

  1. A bachelor’s degree

  2. A teaching or intern credential, and

  3. Demonstrated core academic subject matter competence

The core academic content areas include: multiple/general subjects, English, reading/language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics/government, economics, history, geography, and the arts.

Teachers are categorized as “new” or “not new” by the original issuance date of their first full or intern teaching credential. Districts are required to develop plans to ensure both “new” and “not new” teachers assigned to teach core academic content areas meet the “highly qualified” teacher criteria.

Each Fall, site master schedules are centrally reviewed to identify teachers needing to meet the “highly qualified” requirements for their current assignments. Teacher Preparation and Student Support Division staff have trained a cadre of retired administrators that meet with principals to review their master schedules. The cadre then works with teachers not meeting the “highly qualified” criteria for their assignments, and together they develop an individual plan to help each teacher to become compliant.

The following is a list of teachers at our school, by grade level. You will notice the letters "HQT" behind the name of   teachers. HQT signifies that the teacher is a "Highly Qualified Teacher."


Ligman HQT, Jennifer Teacher
Ludwick HQT, Wendy Kindergarten Teacher
Mitsch HQT, Jill Teacher
Wright HQT, Amy Teacher

1st Grade

Benedict HQT, Erin Teacher
McDermott HQT, Beth Teacher
Prestridge HQT, Barbara Teacher
Smith HQT, Margot Teacher

2nd Grade

Claire HQT, Suzanne Teacher
Day HQT, Tana Teacher
Gibert HQT, Margo Teacher
Lowe HQT, Kelly Teacher
Sullivan HQT, Bryan Teacher

3rd Grade

Casolara HQT, Stephanie Teacher
Hughes HQT, Nicole Teacher
Keyes HQT, Marietta Teacher

4th Grade

Coleman HQT, Pam Teacher
Hastings HQT, Shelley Teacher
Thelen HQT, Lynne Teacher

5th Grade

Edwards HQT, James Teacher
Schoenborn HQT, Pam Teacher
Smith HQT, Barb Teacher

6th Grade

Fenenoz HQT, Jennifer Teacher
Georgiadi HQT, Val Teacher
Possehl HQT, Heather Teacher

Intervention and Special Education

Immel HQT, Sheri Teacher
Jacobs HQT, Curtis Teacher
Johnson HQT, Marie Teacher
Morgan HQT, Joseph Teacher
VonBehren HQT, Dave Teacher

Physical Education

Absec HQT, Barry Teacher

Office Tech

Parsons, Barb (760) 369-6333 Office Tech